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intro’d to Kyra and Alexa when they were talking about misfit economy at (geneva, switzerland, feb 5-7, 2014) lift14





take something you hate and turn it on its head


Look on the dark side:TEDxLSE 2013

Published on Aug 27, 2013

Kyra Maya Phillips is a writer, innovation strategist and digital economy obsessed start up person. Her work is centred around understanding where innovation comes from and how we can create the environments which spur it. She’s co-writing her first book, The Misfit Economy, which explores how pirates, gangsters, and hackers innovate. It will be published by Simon & Schuster in 2014. Kyra writes for Wired, Forbes and Fast Company. She also has a slight obsession with pirates. 


pirates – dared to imagine and create an alternative culture – reshaping darkness

creation never starts with scratch – you need to befriend what came before

hackers – can’t fight the itch to fix and improve something…

hacker first needs to understand they system (whatever) they are trying to fix

understand something so well in order to change it – you need to take it apart – 

to fix – hackers have to understand… and to understand.. hackers have to deconstruct

in order to find my own self – i had to take myself apart

detox ness

those that we least expect to be our teachers that teach us the most.. unlikely places

we need to pay close attention to the misfit in us – never underestimate the power of your darkside – from your darkness can come your best creation

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I’m Kyra (pronounced “kee-rah”). I’m a comedy writer, author & feminist. My first book is called The Misfit Economy and it will be published by Simon & Schuster soon. It explores what gangsters, pirates and hackers can teach us about innovation. 

Kyra also hangs out at the sandbox


Kyra’s first podcast – with Duane Jackson – from prison to software business success

parallel attributes ness

criminality and business have a log in common

of finding a consistency that was missing in so many areas of his life (computers/coding)

fusion of being comfortable in uncertainty – rather than wasting time wishing it wasn’t there..

with computers – wide open with what you can do – like no ending

such power in not-knowing.. live the questions now

on prison giving you a chance to press pause..

perhaps we try still\ness over solitary..


july 2015 – podcast on the art of stillness

gary v – on the word hustle

3 min – the more you should on yourself.. the less motivated you are to move

what if the world you have to do isn’t about doing more but understanding more.. not going faster.. but taking the time to stand hill

kyra: to me hustle is about slowing down.. being still.. being alert to the world around you…. what should be prized way above productivity is presence.. it’s only when you stop that you can derive meaning from the world.. when you’re moving you can’t take it in in any way


to hustle.. to make something out of nothing.. often comes from stillness.. seeing something that you couldn’t see before

pico – so many of us have more and more info and less and less time to do something with it.. we live so close to our lives we can’t make sense of it..

kyra: the positive aspect of that is making due with what’s around you.. by stopping, sitting still, and getting bored.. a key element to hustle..

kyra: on duane jackson (podcast above) – prison as his training in perception in frugality.. taught me how to live

18 min – on should vs can

kyra: should moves you to the future and keeps you in a present in which you’re not good enough

21 min – let go of trying to grab a hold of what you don’t need.. notice what you already have

everybody at the speed of light tends to become a nobody

pico – we’ve lost the ability to live at the speed of life

24 min – hustle not the world.. self-awareness is

29 min – pico – the point of sitting still.. helps you to see through the very idea of moving forward… when all you have to draw upon is what you have collected in your deeper moments.. how often do you deposit into that..

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