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karl fisch

Karl has done a lot of cool things. Very google-able.

One of my favs came today, this post.

It made me think how much wiser we become about what matters when our own kids are directly involved. no?

Stop, pause long enough to question things and decide what makes sense to you.

The deception (icarus) is that we were only told to not fly too high, we weren’t told of the greater risk, of flying too low. That seems to become evident when our darlings come into play. So – let’s use that wisdom. Today. As people who care enough about people to make a rich, full life equitable. no?

Let’s not wait.


via http://thefischbowl.blogspot.com/2013/03/is-this-problem.html

somehow I think a big part of the change we need in education revolves around letting talented and creative people be talented and creative, spread their ideas to a larger audience, but not have to change positions and leave their daily contact with students.

i think this is spot on – where we are headed.

bucky – ish – et al…

city as school.

life as art-ist.



By trying to standardize on a common core curriculum to assure equality of preparation, aren’t we ignoring what we know about dynamic systems?

So if the basic premise of Common Core ignores what we know about complex systems, where does that leave us?

not to mention evidences that compulsion/compliance/fear : 1. cause a non-sticky-ness (Plato) 2. shut down the neocortex.



Imagine an office [school] where meetings [classes] are optional. Nobody talks about how many hours [credits] they worked last week. People have an unlimited amount of vacation and paid time off. Work [learning] is done anytime and anywhere, based entirely on individual [student] needs and preferences. Finally, employees [students and staff] at all levels are encouraged to stop doing anything that is a waste of their time, their customers’ time, or the company’s time. 


jan 2015:


yes. let’s.


dec 2015

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