jose cordeiro

jose cordeiro

intro’d to Jose via Nikola’s interview with him (from 2012):

solar could power beyond earth’s needs

16 min – future energy we need to embrace: solar is the elephant.. also a lot of wind energy.. if we advanced wind energy enough we could power earth with just wind..there is so much more energy.. e =mc^2.. conversion of matter into energy.. and anti matter into matter..

energy represents 8 trill a yr.. largest industry in the world

21 min – 80% of people on planet have cell phones

26 min – problem might be w russia – because they have little sun and a lot of oil

28 min – i think will take 1/2 cent more than singularity to get to energularity… so 100 yrs from now at latest..

30 min – fusion is the way sun/stars make their energy… we’ll probably use some fusion power

31 min – power and energy not the same.. connected by time factor

32 min – how will we know when we’ll reach singularity 2045 or the energularity..? when we reach 100-200 peta watts of energy… not just humans but a whole robotic civilization..

34 min – on needing to leave the planet – for diversity.. because of capabilities of tech..

39 min – we will be our own descendants.. ie: biologically/computationally immortal.. in next 20-30-40 yrs from now

42 min – i call this conscious evolution… we create it..

44 min – on the universe waking up… compare to different cells of our body… used to work alone..

45 min – minsky – robots will inherit the planet but we will be them

46 min – the state of the future.. published every year

47 min – the future is beautiful.. that needs a lot of energy.. we have to be optimistic.. the world is just half full..


from 2014 talks at google:

“The Future of Technology and the Technology of the Future” | Talks at Google

11 min – in the future we will design our children


1990 – human genome project 13 yrs.. 3 billion dollars.. today you can sequence full genome for slightly over 100 dollars.. by 2025 at latest it will cost 10 dollars.. in 1 min..

14 min – gdp grew 400% in 20th cent.. growing exponentially..

is that what we want.. design children and lots of money…

20 min – curing aging (as disease) in next 20 yrs

22 min – aubrey degray

23 min – 4 main tech that will change humanity: nano (atoms), bio (cells), info (bits/bites), cogno (neurons)

25 min – there is no waste.. only raw material in the wrong place

upcycle ness

27 min – mammals back to life.. cloning not for reproduction but to create organs…

42 min – external brain implants..

43 min – person to person brain data… then we won’t use primitive tech called talking..

jaron on words

k. i like that.

45 min – s korea working on a law to give human rights to robots

48 min – 2016 – first cyborg olympics… transhumanism.. humans not end of evolution just beginning of conscious evolution..

49 min – bacteria does not can kill it.. but it doesn’t age..

51 min – n korea.. last country in world to have internet.. s korea most connected in world..  don’t blame the bad.. light up the good..

biggest crisis is also biggest opportunity


52 min – i believe tech will allow us to leapfrog from poverty


54 min – in next 20 yrs.. we’re going thru a solar tsunami…

55 min – solar panels use many of same materials as chips.. we’re going to see a radical change.. in 20 yrs will be mostly renewable and mostly solar

57 min – when we see death of death will we also see death of birth.. i don’t know.. but we’re saturating earth.. but we are going to ie: mars..

cities haven’t reached limits article..


2012 tedx

The future is not what is used to be: Jose Luis Cordeiro at TEDxRio+20


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