jonathan worth

jonathan worth

intro’d to Jonathan via connected learning – esp in regard to his phonar..

loved his comment at cl alliance hangout on trust (july 2014) when he said (at 59 min) ..

i have been untrustworthy in the past.. i need to work on that, because….

everybody is an image maker – it’s not about learning how to make’s learning how to get yours seen. jonathan worth quote trust


[wondering – might we get to – perhaps the even more penetrating/transforming ness of us – if we believe there’s.. nothing more important than authentic trust – ie: not dependent on trustworthiness – because you are human.. no editing people out – none of us if one of us ness. trust as currency – the golden ticket everyone already has.]


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Jonathan is founder/director of phonar nation ..

phonar nation


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Super excited to be joining the @RhizomeLive team and looking forward to projects with  collaborators working right at the bleeding edge.
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