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founder of project m:

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[resonated greatly with Heather‘s pi lab thinking..]

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the future blitz cycle

future blitz cycle


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children up until the age of four are operating at genius level

early 20s only 10%.. late 20s early 30s only 2%..  it became buried by society that says color w/in the lines.. sit down .. give it back you can’t do this..

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let’s just focus on faciling daily curiosity ie: cure ios city

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tech as it could be.. listening to every voice.. everyday..

mufleh humanity law: we have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh


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Co-founder of . John helps people find the courage and sense of humor to consider new, wrong ways of creating stories, ideas, and innovations.

maine and california

future partners now called solve next:

We work with people who want to change things.

We help these change makers break biological and cultural biases, bust through the status quo, and solve for what’s next.

These leaders use our Think Wrong collaboration tools to harness the super-intelligence of diverse human teams to solve difficult problems, find new opportunities, and make better decisions.

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John Bielenberg is an American designer classified as an entrepreneur and a design thinker. He is recognized for innovative investigations into the practice and understanding of design and leadership in the “design for good” movement. He is also credited with creating the Blitz Cycle for design in hard to improve areas.

Bielenberg collaborated with Alex Bogusky and Ana Bogusky and Rob Schuham in 2010 to form COMMON, a brand that supports, connects and celebrates those designing for a new era of socially minded enterprise. Most recently, he partnered with Greg Galle to launch a firm called Future, which engages with organizations, institutions and companies to unlock the potential of human ingenuity.

In 2003, Bielenberg created Project M, an immersive program designed to inspire and educate young designers, writers, photographers and filmmakers by proving that their work can have a significant impact on communities. Project M has developed projects in Alabama, Baltimore, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Detroit, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, Maine, Minneapolis and New Orleans