jeff duncan-andrade

jeff duncan andrade

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in early August Duncan-Andrade opened the doors of the Roses in Concrete Community School, incorporating his philosophy of involving parents and families to lift up the whole community.

We have to be communal.

this not just [about] urban youth — if go to Appalachia where you see entrenched white poverty, you see the same levels of incidents. The [popular] notion of PTSD is that it’s caused by being exposed to gun violence or physical violence, but that’s not [entirely] what the research shows. For a soldier, [the term] PTSD makes sense because they’re “post” — they’re off the battlefield. But it doesn’t make sense to diagnose a young person with PTSD because they’re re-experiencing trauma. So in 2011, Harvard released a new diagnosis, CPTSD, or Complex PTSD. What they’re seeing happening in children’s brains and bodies because of the reoccurring toxic stress [in their lives] is more complex than what we see in soldiers. So a puzzle we can’t put together in soldiers has thousands more pieces for children.

all of us. This complicated, complex human being


his ted – 2011

TEDxGoldenGateED – Growing Roses in Concrete

we’re not paying attention to their humanity

1 in 3 urban youth display symptoms of mild to sever ptsd – twice as likely as soldiers returning from iraq to get ptsd

wish we didn’t focus or the measurables


complex ptsd – cptsd – because it’s not post

on coming back to the concrete

when roses come back to the concrete they create rose gardens

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unwanted stresssuffocating from the day – detox


deep/simple/open enough – a nother way