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intro’d to JD via his ted nyc 2016 – The struggles of America’s forgotten working class

despite all outward appearances.. i’m a cultural outsider…

heroin, divorce, ..pessimism.. has moved in…. causing rising death rates.. i had a front row seat to that struggle..

those problems plagued my own family – s ohio

if you would have looked at my life at 14.. you would have concluded that i would have struggled w/what academics call – upward mobility – have a chance to live materially better existence… upward mobility isn’t as high as we’d like it to be.. and very geographically distributed..

ugh to supporting upward mobility.. that mindset is killing us

so why is this happening

1\econ – structural  2\brain drain – high talented move elsewhere   3\ failing schools.. failing to give ed leg up

agree econ is structural.. begs we go deep enough to disengage from money as os… high talent going elsewhere is craziness.. we miss so much from not looking/listening to everyone.. and schools.. giving a leg up..? ugh

1\sense of hopelessness.. that choices didn’t matter.. no matter how hard worked.. nothing god would happen

ie: affirmative action..  seen as tool to hold people like you back.. not just good/bad policy.. but that people with political/financial power.. conspiring against you

can say.. 1\ i’m not going to work hard  2\ not going to go after traditional route.. won’t ever let me in..

when i got accepted to yale.. family member asked if i’d pretended to be a liberal

2\ hard to know choices… ie: didn’t know you had to go to law school to be lawyer.. didn’t know ivy leagues are cheaper for poorer..  so – first time being poor paid well

3\ social capital.. low potential in network

4\ adverse childhood experiences..  thinking generationally.. what kids see parents doing.. et al.. if low income kid.. almost half face multiple instances of childhood drama.. those kids more likely to do drugs/jail/drop-out of hs.. more likely to repeat experiences to own children..

things turned up for me.. graduated.. hs, college, .. et al


what happened..

same abusing grandparents.. stepped up for me.. 1\ provided peaceful home for hw  2\ recognized message my community had for me.. told me: never be like those losers that think deck is stacked against you.. live isn’t fair.. but your choices do matter

us marine core.. taught me how to wake up early, manage finances.. better car purchase deal


mentors.. marines, ohio state, yale… stepped in to fill social capital gap

how are we going to give low income kids access to loving home.. teach adults how to better interact.. how to give mentorship: financial management, conflict resolution..

begs we leap to a nother way to live that is systemically different…. for all of us.. back to the structural ness..

s ohio.. kid awaiting dad.. wondering if he’ll walk calmly or stumble.. et al.. i don’t have all answers.. but i know that unless our society starts asking questions about why i was so lucky and how to get that distributed.. we’re going to have a very significant problem..

we do already.. no..? matt‘s divide; carl‘s high price;  et al..

perhaps we don’t focus on your ..luck.. your upward mobility ness.. but rather on the whole.. structural thing.. the asking questions thing.. deep enough

there is a nother way.. but i don’t believe it can be based on the ideals (?) you share above (ie: hs, college, career, marines, ..financial success ness)

we have to disengage from that.. if we truly want equity to be distributed to 7 billion people.. everyday..

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