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intro’d to Isaac via his tedsummit 2016:

going blind taught me to live my life eyes wide open

what does it feel like to see.. it’s immediate and passive.. seeing is believing.. sight is truth.. that’s what i thought.. till my retina’s deteriorated..

i learned that what we see is not universal truth.. it is not objective reality.. what we see is a unique personal virtual reality that is masterfully constructed by our brain..

amateur neuroscience: visual cortex 30% of brain.. 8% for touch 2-3% for hearing.. every second eyes can send visual cortex as many as 2 billion pieces of info.. rest of body can send brain only an additional billion..

so sight is 1/3 of brain by volume and can claim 2/3 of brain’s processing resources.. no surprise that the illusion of sight is so compelling

to create the experience of sight.. your brain references your conceptual understanding of world.. memory.. mental attention.. emotion.. and far more linked in brain.. linkages work both ways and usually subconscious.. ie: way feel can change what see.. what see can change what feel..

5 min – we have arrived at a fundamental contradiction.. what you see is a complex mental construction of your own making but you experience it passively.. as a direct rep of world around you.. you create your own reality and you believe it

i believed mine until it broke apart.. the deterioration of my eyes shattered the illusion.. sight is just one way we shape our reality.. ie: fear.. your fears distort your reality.. under the warped logic of fear.. anything is better than the uncertain.. passing off what you dread for what you know..

fear replaces the unknown with the awful.. fear is self-realizing.. shrinking/distorting your view.. lulls you into inaction.. passively watch prophecies fulfill itself..

7 min – blindness meant i would live an unremarkable life.. sad and alone.. i knew it.. just like those backwards swimming fish.. if i had not confronted the reality of my fear i would have lived it..

how do you live your life eyes wide open..? it’s a learned discipline: hold self accountable for every moment/thought/detail.. see beyond fears.. recog assumption.. harness internal strength.. silence internal critic.. correct misconceptions about luck/success.. accept strengths and understand weaknesses.. open hearts to bountiful blessings.. your fears/critics/heroes/villains.. they are your excuses/rationalizations/short cuts/justifications/your surrender.. fictions you perceive as reality.. choose to see thru them.. choose to let them go.. you are the creator of your reality.. with that empowerment comes complete responsibility..

what do you fear.. what lies do you tell yourself..  your backward swimming fish do you great harm.. missed opps/potential.. engender insecurity..

only thing worse than being blind is having sight and no vision – hellen keller

blindness gave me vision.. i hope you can see what i see

since i don’t see visual feedback.. i force people to tell me what they think.. we avoid ambiguities.. and my team tells me what truly matters..

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Author of (Avail. March 2017), a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Father of Triplets (+1), Champion Napper.

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Isaac Lidsky is a corporate speaker, author and entrepreneur. Before losing his sight he played “Weasel” on NBC’s“Saved By The Bell: The New Class.” He is the only blind person to serve as a Law Clerk for the U.S. Supreme Court. He currently serves as CEO of ODC Construction, Florida’s largest residential shell contractor.


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bravery to change mind everyday – eyes wide open.. ie: a nother way

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