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intro’d to Ione via her 2016 tedsummit – How we talk about sexual assault online

get back on the tube..  we will get on the last tube.. and walk up our streets alone.. this is a fight you will not win..

made us very reactive.. to any kind of grievance.. to show we have reacted.. problem is that.. we don’t really react.. contributed to outrage.. but not so much change.. and might even drown out people needing to share

on getting back on our trains.. this noise that escalates can’t slip into portraying us as affected.. and contribute to helpless ness..

zelda – of mandela – mandela w rugby union’s lawyers.. zelda: no right to your respect .. nelson: must never allow the enemy to determine the grounds for battle..

revenge.. expression of hatred towards those who have done us injustice may feel like a human instinct in the face of wrong .. we need to break out of these cycles.. if we are to hope to transform negative events/injustice.. to do otherwise.. creates a binary..  we can’t let our platforms for interconnectivity be the places we settle for defeat…

binary ness

ask selves 2 things: 1\ why do i feel this injustice  2\ how .. could i go about reversing these reasons…

begin to use sm for active tool for social justice.. make those in authority aware of an issue.. by listening to those directly affected by it

rarely have easy answers.. but can still give considered response.. you can still think.. maybe not what you can do.. but what you can not do..

1\ we can ..not build further walls 2\ we can ..not speak over those affected 3\we can.. not react to injustice only to forget about it next day just because rest of twitter has moved on…

sometimes not reacting instantly is ironically best action we can take.. let’s consider our responses…

hold people to account w/o descending into a culture that thrives on shaming/injustice ourselves.. remember distinction often forgotten by internet users.. between criticism and insult.. not forget to think before speak.. when we create noise.. don’t drown out needs.. but amplify.. voices of those affected..

keystone on which the internet was built.. network/connect..

justice: before.. punishment/admin of law/judicial authority…

the maintenance of what is right..

few things more right.. than bringing people together.. unions.. if we allow sm to deliver that.. then it can deliver a very powerful form of justice indeed..



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Founder of international campaign. Journalist (contributor , ,) Former editor. speaker.

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I write mostly, but not exclusively, on human rights, gender, UK politics, travel, music, health and food – and I’m currently writing a longer work on the history of “trolling” and the public shaming of female sexuality from the 17th century to 21st century Twitter. I don’t plan to blog about anything in particular here – I’ll just start and see where it goes, which is a pretty accurate summary of my attitude to almost everything.


let’s use www to host-life-bits via self-talk as data.. as the dayas the day.. so we can all live.. by starting and seeing where it goes.. by.. taking/having time/space.. to listen better/deeper.. quieter..