ioannis yannas

ioannis yannas

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A Life-Saving Discovery at MIT MechE

it was a big surprise.. totally  unexpected… artificial skin.. first regeneration in adults..

siddhartha ness

burke was looking for a very sophisticated band aids for child burn victims…

3 min – day of the tour.. i was shocked beyond belief.. an important moment in my life.. it guided me toward a direction i would not have chosen…

4 min – these pictures in my mind have stayed w/me they became the reason why i started working on this project.. there was a great deal of human misery that was confronting me and i felt i had to do something about it…

5 min – we needed to solve the problem as soon as possible.. – the objective of speeding up the closing of these wounds…

6 min – collagen – rather than close faster was making it close slower.. a great moment.. because of what we decided to do w/that failure… it was then that we saw.. in animals… wasn’t making scar.. but new skin… not just keeping alive.. but allowing skin to regrow..

8 min – we didn’t want to publish.. because we were saying could regenerate what everyone said we couldn’t regenerate

9 min – explanation of dermis..

13 min – go where the ignorance is maximum..

center of problem.. most didn’t know the center of the problem..

..many young researchers go where everyone else is doing research.. they adding incremental value to what came before.. go where.. no one has tread that ground…

14 min – working across disciplines…

15 min – 2 sources of satisfaction: 1\ opportunity to see people treated w/ something helped discover  2\ if you see what’s going on on the other side of the mtn that no one else has..

deep enoughnot yet tried..


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