grace lee boggs

grace lee boggs

intro’d to Grace via James and Grace Lee Boggs school.



American Revolutionary: the Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs Trailer

AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY, Civil Rights Pioneer Grace Lee Boggs Doc with dir. Grace Lee

i’m sorry, i think if we stick to those categories of race and class and gender – we are stuck…

the smile is like a punctuation.. it leaves you with so many other questions.. Grace gets you thinking…

grace lee boggs 2

19 min – what’s unique about this woman is that none of her ideas are fixed…

evolve beyond rebellion into what revolution means… learn from the past but not stuck in the ideas of the past..

that smile.. where does it come from…

39 min – revolution has come down to… conversation..

ideas have their power because they’re not fixed.. once they become fixed – they’re already dead..


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Grace Lee Boggs (born June 27, 1915) is an author, lifelong social activist and feminist. She is known for her years of political collaboration with C.L.R. James and Raya Dunayevskaya in the 1940s and 1950s. She eventually went off in her own political direction in the 1960s with her husband of some forty years, James Boggs, until his death in 1993. By 1998, she had written four books, including an autobiography. In 2011, still active at the age of 95, she wrote a fifth book, The Next American Revolution: Sustainable Activism for the Twenty-First Century, co-written by Scott Kurashige and published by the University of California Press.

Her life is the subject of American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs, released in 2013.


oct 2014:


feb 2015 – on democracy now regarding malcom x:

another way

a nother way

more on identity than rights..

they had taken that little bit of him and made it him… that’s not true.. like for all of us

we felt we were being occupied by a foreign structure

we were able to test it out – that when blacks came into power – they weren’t able to solve it


oct 5 2015 – rip

BREAKING: Legendary Chinese-American Revolutionary and Activist Grace Lee Boggs Passes at 100


from Drew Philp‘s $500 house:


‘i feel sorry for people who are not living in detroit. detroit gives a sense of epochs of civilization in a way that you don’t get in a city like ny. it’s obvious by looking at (detroit) that what was doesn’t work. people are always striving for size, to be a giant. and this is the symbol of how giants fall.. people are aware they cannot continue in the same old way but are immobilized because they cannot imagine an alternative. we need a vision that recognizes that we are at one of the great turning points in human history when the survival of our planet and the restoration of our humanity require a great sea change in our ecological, economic, political and spiritual values..  these are the times to grow our souls. each of us is called upon to embrace the conviction that despite the powers and principalities bent on commodifying all our human relationships, we have the power w/in us to create the world anew.. we are the leaders we’ve been looking for’ – grace lee boggs


blair and grace lee both joined black panthers via nathan‘s everything for everyone:


i met blair evans – the elder member of the field street collective.. not long since out of prison for black panther era activities..


the most frequently repeated phrase among speaker was: ‘what time is it on the clock of the world’ – words of grace lee boggs.. she joined the black panthers and malcom x to build a revolution of local economies.. she preached the power of ‘critical connections’ over ‘critical mass’


the clock of the world is a call to notice where we are and where we might go next.. boggs had long used detroit as a clock that could see in to the future.. that could predict the crises soon to spread elsewhere and the means of surviving them..  the best hope was ‘a way out of now way’