Gigapan gives experienced and novice photographers the technology to create high-resolution panorama images more easily than ever before, and the resulting GigaPan images offer viewers a new, unique perspective on the world.

via gigapan expert Dror Yaron.

robotic camera, interactive site, tech helping us with important conversations.. that lead to learning about culture, et al…


after #dwebsummit

6/11/16 5:53 AM
New blog post: “Digital Dioramas”… #DWebSummit
The DNS domain system as it is currently setup is broken
The idea that everyone should have a domain for life.
Udell‘s – hosting life bits ness
how Cerf description of our current approach to web archiving as akin to creating a digital diorama: taking a two-dimensional snapshot, often by scraping sites.
so is gigapan via Dror.. anything like this digital dioramic..?


kinda, think though is what an archived website looks like out of historical context


it’s like panoramas of panoramas for super Rez image. Was cool to explore, create snapshots. Been a while

@jimgroom @monk51295 @dror_yaron I feel a nostalgic blog post coming in. Met one of CMU developers while shooting scene in Iceland