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have been following Xeni’s bravery on twitter for some time now.

a tweet begging to be shared here:

Xeni Jardin ‏@xeni

Over these past two years, I have learned much about how to die. Now I am trying to learn how to live.


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june 2016


yo, U.S. Media, 20,000 of those “Moderate Muslims” you keep talkin about are speaking out against #ISIS/#ISIL/#Daesh in my mentions today

My @’s today: HUGE flood of hearts, hugs, roses, kisses from regular Muslim men+women who think ISIS sucks and is a threat to Muslims

@brianstelter dude this is NUTS. Look at the replies to my pinned tweet. INSANITY, I have never been flooded with so much kindness.

The truth prevail, thanks Xeni, https://t.co/IUSjVStdHl

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/mohdbadr/status/750093265278492673


Xeni Jardin (@xeni) tweeted at 7:25 AM – 20 Jan 2017 :

Now, you are my president. I look to you, my crowd of kindred souls, to provide a voice of true leadership. (http://twitter.com/xeni/status/822449904614113280?s=17)

huge.. beyond any one representing us.. indigenous us