federico bitti

federico bitti

intro’d to Federico here (fb video on focal dystonia):


it worked because he loves to dance..

then found his tedx from july 2015:

Dystonia. Rewiring the brain through movement and dance | TEDxNapoli

this is your treatment.. you are another person when you dance..

12 min – i needed to share this discovery… when nothing seems wrong.. maybe another path is there for you.. is inside of you.. give space to what can naturally reduce your symptoms

13 min – revealing a hidden pain..

what dr’s proposed was not wrong/unacceptable..

i just wonder how powerful it could be if we managed to combine medicine/science/this new approach if we had the time/resources/will/strength to listen to a human being in his wholeness.. in as little but big thing as dancing is to me…

two choices: cavino – the hell of the living is not something that will be.. it’s already here… 1\ accept it be part of it 2\ attention.. seek .. learn to recognize.. what in the hell is not hell.. and make them endure and give them the space.

ie: if dystonia is my hell… this (dance) is my little paradise.. and everybody should be helped to find his own..


listen deeplyself-talk as data ness


How your movements can heal your brain | Joaquin Farias (who helped Federico) | TEDxNapoli

i am an optimist..

on thinking outside of the box… on untreatable diseases.. ie: your body as language in code that only your brain can understand.. imagine we crack this code..

for many different reasons your brain can forget familiar movements.. neural software can be degraded of missing

you can transfer by mimicking another person… brain activity changes and returns to normal

welcome to the era of movement..

model another way ness




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