everything as experiment


how did we get to the point that we need a ted talk to encourage us to say,..

i don’t know.. maybe i’m wrong.

[graphic above links to mindset that might perhaps be a sign of global/local/personal success]


via Greg:

But what you really need to know about big data is this:  It represents a fundamental shift in how we do things.  In effect, big data opens the door to a Bayesian approach to strategy where…

 we no longer try to be “right” based on controlled research and small samples, but rather become less wrong over time as real world information floods in.



nov 2014:

Neil responds to six-year-old – “How can first graders help the earth?”


rapid prototyping to slow – ness..

usefully ignorant

pluralistic ignorance

of math and men

line of best fit

experiment and experience

Zaid Hassan


next experiment.. a different experimenta people experiment