eric schweikardt

eric schweikart bw

[boulder, co]

Eric is ceo and design director at modular robotics.. cubelets et al… [Mark is research director]

intro’d to him and modular robotics at the first tedxfrontrange (where his 100+ slides didn’t work):

to survive as a culture – we need to learn more about complexity..

we can do this from top down – science of complexity – mostly done by phds… or we can do this from bottom up .. take systems apart.. top down.. or play with putting them together .. bottom up

here’s a talk of his with slides – at the Cyberlearning Research Summit on January 18, 2012, Talk Set 4: Emerging Technologies:

its tempting to looking at complex systems and think that somebody is in charge.. they have emergent behavior 

complex systems –

lots and lots of little independent systems all acting on their own agenda – and usually have emergent behavior.. when you look back and squint your eyes you go wow

really important to look at the tiny tiny and the large.. individual and society

complexity underlies all the world’s biggest problem..

most of us can’t look deeply enough to look at all the factors

to me – computer screen is a little too abstract… so instead… we’re trying to make thousands and thousands of tiny robots… cubelets

so you can learn about how they work before you learn how to program et al

it’s vital for critical thinking to be able to see both the forest and the trees


self assembling robots


glad Eric went there in this 2nd talk..

so related to Iwan Baan-ness and Jaco Roets ness.. and even Gary Slutkin and Mikko Hipponen .. et al.