credentialing via community

Take a listen, as Bunker Roy explains how credentialing could come from how well your community is doing.

Imagine a community such as mine, Loveland, CO. You, a university, or a CEO of a company, come to me today, asking if Peter is a good fit, if he’s worth consideration at your establishment.

I say, most likely not. I explain to you, that currently, Loveland has 400+ charitable organizations, so one would think we wouldn’t be dealing with homelessness, our county wouldn’t be 6th in the nation in suicide rate, etc.

I say, I wonder what the heck has Peter been doing, letting that happen in his community.

Imagine you come to me a year from now. Loveland no longer has 400+ charitable organizations, but rather, one kitchen table. They have connected. They engage in ongoing conversations, conversations that matter. They’ve freed people who were homeless up to take care of their own situation. Because they question how we spend our days, health has improved, people start to believe they matter, the suicide rate has gone down….

And now, now I say to you, … yes, Peter. Peter is perfect. Whether or not he helped to change our community for good, he has been living in it. He’s associated and with people that are free and are practicing their art. Peter is gold. Peter is indispensable.


perhaps our only credentials:

quiet enough