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trust is a drug post

Aristotle taught us that trust does not exist in the person being trusted.  The virtue of trust lies in giving it away.  Because when you give trust away, you’re giving the power to the other person to let you down or do right by you.  And the virtue of trust lies in taking that risk in giving trust away.


great story on creating trust:

dov creating trust


interview with Thomas Friedman:

dov with friedman

content is democratized.. creating context/culture where people can thrive

#1 word searched in all of 2012 in webster’s online dictionary – capitalism.. people trying to make sense of it..

we live in a transparent world – we better have nothing to hide..

connected to interconnected to interdependent..

we are morally interdependent.. – everything connected – no separate lives

the one thing the competition can’t copy – is how we behave – how we do what we do


we are in a world where 9 yr olds can change the world..

a power that is increasing – moral authority – do this because we share values, this mission we are on is worth it – depends on character

his son saying – what kind of a father doesn’t kiss his son, rather than – why didn’t you kiss me.. calling him out on his character..

formal authority – power over

my ability to hang onto people depends on how i treat them

people want to be free – interdenpendency has created a freedom from, the ability to cast off.. what we crave/value is freedom to – which you can’t do w/o values/principals/common goal

against empowerment – what people need today is to be inspired – not motivation but inspiration..

instead of scaling a culture.. where people have the right to do.. instead – what is the right thing to do..

calling out all leaders – on character…

7 of 10 disengaged, 2 actively disengaged

the word job was invented to control people

journey – go up and down and progress and never stop – we need to get back to journeys vs planning/budgeting

you can’t shift/nudge for characteristics that matter

journey is an ethic – it’s how it happens

if you’re not on a journey – you need a strategy, otherwise, you need hope

while hope is not a strategy – without hope there is no strategy – the most sustaining value there is

a disconnected crisis in a connected world


These times are testing leaders from the schoolhouse to the White House, from city halls to corporate suites.Honored to speak with @tomfriedman about the kind of leadership we need now in all spheres of society

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the kind of leadership we need.. 8b everyday..

we have the means to facil that ie: tech as it could be.. via 2 convers as infra

great opp to let go of the rei(g)ns


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