don wettrick

don wettrick

dec interview – unlearning

first 6 weeks.. culture

resonating w/5 years ish.. esp block 3 – crave choice


we have students who’s grades slip.. but we also have lifeskills along the way..

whoa.. getting grades up as life skills..?

less stress full to be told what to do..


i don’t think you can ever go wrong w/service learning

no.. but we can go deeper.. a and a..


the concept of everyone’s an expert of something .. married with not being afraid to act..

indeed.. listening for that. self-talk as data.

25 min – hearing you want to set people free.. but why

i want them to be happy… to know you’re used for a purpose..we only have a couple basic needs..why free thinking get you there… it’s the heroes journey..

2 needs

the obsession the difficulty brings out in you

i’ve never been so uncertain of my future and i’ve never been happier about it (when asked what future looks like for this).. i think what i’m trying to do – make a dent… create a new status quo… to where someday someone will say.. remember when in school there was no time in the day to do whatever you want..

deep enough..

a nother way..

for (blank)’s sake

we can.

we can’t not.


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aug 2016

startedup mission statement


sept 2016

startedup site launch:

from mission page:

You’ve heard the complaints too many times:

  • When am I ever going to use this in the real world?
  • Why are we learning this?
  • When are we going to learn about something interesting?

But what if your students came to class excited? What if they were passionate about their projects? What if they grasped the connection between today’s work and tomorrow’s careers?

So what can we do about it?

As teachers we must create producers, not just passive consumers. We must foster students who are passionate about the things they study, understand why they are important and how they are preparing for the rest of their lives. Students who are itching to try new things and expand their horizons instead of fearful of a failing grade. Students who are inspired by and learn from their peers, and who are actively building their tomorrow.

This is Innovation. At StartEdUp, we have made it our mission to give all educators the resources necessary to become this type of teacher and to truly make a difference in the lives of countless students.

In classrooms across the nation, innovative teachers are employing passion-based, open-source learning to improve their student’s education.


interview with Seth:

5 min – how to create a system that produces the outcome we seek

6 min – getting folks to understand long run .. is very difficult.. they system the B is rewarding them for what they are doing today..

33 min – we can’t out cog other countries.. they are way better at doing what they’re told.. we’re not going to get better because we’re more obedient..

34 min – don’t change lives in service of more compliance and some great job will be waiting.. that hasn’t been true for a long time and never going to be true again..

didn’t listen to all