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intro’d to Dominic via Thomas Seyfried.. in regard to cancer being a metabolic disease that might be dealth with via ketones (alt fuel to glucose for brain/cells).. since cancer cells can’t swith to this alt fuel when glucose is missing..

Starving cancer: TEDxTampaBay (2013)

1 min – neurons in brain when subjected to high pressure and high oxygen are overstimulated.. causes a decrease in brain energy metabolism.. causes potential for seizure.. similar to epilepsy patients.. who can use special diet to control seizures..

3 min – ketogenic diet: high in fat low in carbs.. proven to control seizures when drugs fail.. no org has done more to promote this.. charlie foundation via father jim (abrahams)

5 min – brain like hybrid engine.. uses glucose as primary fuel.. but when glucose limited.. brain can adapt to use this alt resource.. ketone..

6 min – cancer cells lack the ability to transfer from using glucose to ketones

sugar addiction observed over 80 yrs ago by otto warburg.. demo’ing that sugar cells are damaged in metabolism and damage results in high amounts of sugar uptake (nobel for this)..

7 min – more recently thomas seyfried has been a pioneer in validating warburg’s hypothesis and proving that cancer is a metabolic disease.. we can target glucose dependency in cancer cells.. can target with non toxic alt approaches..


8 min – high pressures of oxygen are actually damaging to cancer cells.. when high levels of oxygen are given to cancer cells… they overproduce oxygen free radicals.. and these are damaging to the cell membrane… same level of oxygen was non toxic to healthy brain cells..

9 min – led to observing: ketogenic diet and hyperbaric oxygen..  in mice

started out as navy seal project.. led to unexpected discovery.. so .. can we manage cancer with non toxic strategies..? i believe we can..

hippocrates: let food be thy medicine – 400 bce


Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D. on Modified Atkins Diet, Keto-Adaptation, Ketosis & More – april 2016

53 min – i think chilling the body and infusing ketones lactate with a couple major few co factors.. would be a home run… what writing grants are for testing..

55 min – right now working to see if can receive same bene from ketone supplementation as can with ketonogenic diet

56 min – we’ve also studied.. cancer…. giving ketones to animals on high carbo diet.. almost unexpected.. the level of enhance survival we had with ketone supplementation..

57 min – a model developed by prof thomas seyfried.. his paper on it made cover of international journal of cancer..

1:05 – rhonda patrick @foundmyfitness: the reason i think is that cancer cells don’t want to use their mitochondria.. because mitochondria produce ros.. (reactive oxygen species).. and that can push cancer cell to death..

1:06 – rhonda: cancer cells are so smart.. that not having their mitochondria active is very beneficial to them..

1:24 – intermittent fasting

mark mattson

on cycling ness promoting metabolic flexibility – allows body to adapt to diff situations w/o being overwhelmed by stress of it – reset to levels..

1:32 – rhonda: on her studies with glucose.. in vitro

1:39 – want to keep your gut healthy.. it’s 70-80% of your immune system..

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Dominic D’Agostino: Research scientist. Interests include developing and testing nutritional and metabolic therapies for neurological disorders and cancer.


fasting for 3 days:

The researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.


cancer et al