david on mech to hear

David Graeber on a Fair Future Economy via rsa – towards and econ that works for us

notes/quotes from 20 min video:

1-5 min – on B creating more B.. via fin and credential et al..

8 min – the most valuable things are these forms assessing the value of things.. how can we break thru this

fuller too much law et al

9 – 12 min – on democracy

13 – 14 min – on occupy, debt and money

15 – 18 min – on bs jobs.. on ubi as means to separate work and compensation

19 min – how to unleash popular creativity.. the way to start is not to come up with a model.. but to come up with a means by which people can actually decide for themselves what sort of econ they’d like to live in

even deeper.. so they can decide for themselves what they want to do that day.. i think thinking/deciding about econ ness would become irrelevant..

we act as if ideas are scarce on this.. this is not a natural way to think.. this is a result of a 30 yr campaign against the imagination to convince us that people are not basically imaginative or ideas are not out there

more like since beginning of time campaign

20 min – i would say there’s nobody on earth right now.. who could not think of at least one idea of how to solve a common problem that plagues us that none of us could have thought of.. now.. why is it we’re not hearing those things from them.. because 99.9% of them spend most of their lives being told to shut up all the time.. and we need to figure out how to create mechanisms to stop doing that.. and once we do.. i think the rest will take care of itself..

ie: tech as it could be.. as a means to und our hierarchical listening.. so we can dance the dance