david olusoga

david olusoga

intro’d to David here… his 2015 documentary – britain’s forgotten slave owners:

Documentary looking at the abolition of slavery in Britain and the extraordinary choice by the government of the day to compensate slave owners for their loss of ‘property’.

In part 1 historian David Olusoga uncovers the untold story of Britain’s slave owners. In part 2 he traces the propaganda war waged between the pro-slavery lobby and the abolitionists.



9 min – data base breaks down the idea that the slaveowners were them and not us..

19 min – racism not just born out of hatred but self-interest

24 min – when you look at those things (chains/holds) you realize it was a system based on terror. horrific.

39 min – women more than 40% of slave owners – most were trapped – dependent on a system of which they had no control

50 min – on the corrupting effect the slave system had on the slaveowners themselves

58 min – you realize that slavery wasn’t just a crime/tragedy.. it was an appalling waste of human life


28 min – key to ending slavery was in the compensation of slave owners.. property and the rights to property ran at the very heart of british culture/law

29 min – compensation soon seen as a non negotiable… had to abandon fundamental principal of humanity.. ie: rather than human, property

44 min – a bail out of a privileged minority

45 min – after compensation… profits helped shape the nation we live in today

50 min – on collective shame.. what is known should be known by all


netflix harry and meghan.. episode 2 at 49 min:

david: immigration is (very often in this country) a cipher (siphor?) for race.. t so an inauspicious moment for britain to be trying to live out this fairy tale princess in this fairy tale country

cipher/cypher – disguised way of writing.. a code.. talking of brexit ness happening 2016.. same time .. too many immigrants..

siddiqi border law et al

ep 4 at 29 min:

david: anger sells.. i call it outrage industrial complex.. t





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none of us are free if one of us is chained