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intro’d to him when Antero held a hangout session with David and a class at csu that had read his book a search past silence..

linguistic inequity…

not so much that we need help – but rather – space to enhance..

referenced chimamanda..

he didn’t feel invited.. ness – assume by nature of humanity – that people are capable..

question – what the boy’s silence does to the loud

loud in our society really gets a bum rap… esp for people who have historically been silenced

when talking about loud – not talking so much about volume.. but a fight to be heard..

silenced not because they can’t speak, but because we don’t hear them, we ignore them.. their struggle is to find spaces/ways to be heard… so rap/hip hop – inhabiting spaces where people will listen to what they have to say.. platforms where their voices matter..

so their sense of loud is much about struggle.

book was to disrupt the idea

  1. that research has to be type of divorces writing.. to write a report that teachers/people can’t read.. that’s a power game
  2. that we have to rethink the basics.. they aren’t reading/writing/arithmetic.. basics are pleasure/play/creativity/curiosity..
  3. rethink the classrooms – bedrooms/malls/….
  4. interrogate our assumptions about status quo – rather than deficit perspective.. a profit perspective – and how can we leverage individual profits
  5. we have to do this like our lives depend on it – because too often theirs (youth) do

a search past silence


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