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Toni Theisen is the World Languages and Cultures department chair and the Thompson School District World Languages and Cultures curriculum representative.

Toni Theisen was the 2009 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) Teacher of the Year. Theisen is a National Board Certified Teacher with a M.A. in Foreign Language Teaching and a M. A. in Education of Diverse Learners. She is also a Google Certified teacher.

Very active in the foreign language profession, Theisen has presented many workshops, keynotes and webinars for national, regional, and state conferences and has authored articles on Multiple Intelligences, Differentiated Instruction and Technology for the 21st century learner. Theisen presented “Activating Communication” as part of the first ACTFL Webinar series. 

And she is currently the 2013 ACTFL President. [American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages]

Find her wiki space – with just about everything – here:

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Toni has taught us about so much… like equity, and clumping and competition – a way to get sign language and hebrew transcripted. (iste carpool)

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