cheryl martin

cheryl martin

director of arpa-e

intro’d to arpa-e and then Cheryl.. via Mariana‘s pdf – entrepreneurial state – p. 105:

In addition, the current US administration created a new
programme, ARPA-E, which is modelled specifically on the
DARPA model ‘to focus on “out of the box” transformational
research that industry by itself cannot or will not support
due to its high risk but were success would provide dramatic
benefits for the nation’.155 The agency is charged with bringing
forth a new, exciting direction to energy research that ‘will
attract many of the U.S.’s best and brightest minds — those
of experienced scientists and engineers, and especially, those
of students and young researchers, including persons in the
entrepreneurial world’.156 Using the DARPA model ARPA-E’s
organisation is ‘flat, nimble, and sparse, capable of sustaining
for long periods of time those projects whose promise remains
real, while phasing out programmes that do not prove to
be as promising as anticipated’


Energy Innovation: Dr. Cheryl Martin Shares ARPA-E Mission | Pew 

Published on Feb 13, 2014

Dr. Cheryl Martin, acting director of Advanced Research Projects Agency — Energy, discusses the role of ARPA-E in financing energy innovation.

arpa-e – challenges the whole idea of what is possible..



interesting the combo of – the entrepreneurial state – and  – mayors rule the world.. the combo is screaming/whispering.. none of us if one of us.. so all of us..