bill viola

bill viola

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Cameras are Soul Keepers

i keep a constant dialogue with myself

when i was 6 – fell into lake – realized how important images are –

there’s more than just the surface of life – the real thing is under the surface..


video as electronic water. flowing. electrical currents. fluid.

currency  and now ness

gaps of empty space – the space between all the physical objects – where we exist

silence ness

1969 – i discovered video – that was the water coming back to me..

why did i not see that if you are going to make true art – you’ve got to be one thing.. not – one thing over here, one over there, …. if you want to live your life to the fullest.

Art is the process of trying to wake up the soul. Because we live in an industrialized world that prefers the soul to remain asleep.  

art is the process


‘Video gives you a sense of the person in ways that other media don’t.’ – @hrheingold #DMLTrust LIVE on


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