[hollywood, la]

intro’d to AnØmaly here:

we’re bombing 7 countries

at least

dirty wars at all.. what’s really the problem.. let’s go deep enough

something is seriously wrong..


let’s try a nother way


it’s not all about money

let’s try this: short bp.. to get us off money


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An0maly is a groundbreaking hip-hop artist, philosopher, activist, video producer & creative visionary. Combining elements of spirituality, philosophy & real life; An0maly has become a leading voice of this generation as well as a well-respected rapper/poet.

Born & raised in New Jersey, he recalled falling in love with rhyming as early as 1st grade. It started with poetry, than eventually moved to song parodies in 3rd grade & rap in years to come.


In 2015, An0maly released a poem “It’s Not All About Money” which has surpassed 1 million video views & 20,000 shares. On Halloween 2015, An0maly released “Bernie Sanders Trap Anthem” which exploded to be one of the biggest songs in 2016. It has now been played over 20 million times. The song featured elements of trap music, politics, lyrical hip-hop & comedy. In May 2016, An0maly followed up with “Don’t Talk About Politics…” poetry video, which he wrote, directed & edited. It is nearing 1 million video views & has been shared over 15,000 times.
An0maly currently lives in Los Angeles, California. He create music & content independently with no manager, booking agent or label. He consistently reaches between 3-15 million people weekly across all social media platforms.

Every second someone watches an An0maly video or listens to an An0maly song somewhere in the world.