trailer (bartelby’s speech below):

45 min in – when he’s asking everyone what they want to learn… (this is their curriculum/course description)

what do you want to learn


80 min – teachers? – everyone stands

82 min – i’m an expert at rejection..

just because you want us to be more like them..

Bartelby’s speech:

83 min (and on – great speech for us all) – why can’t we both exist.. you can have your grades and your rules and your ivory towers, and we’ll do things our way.. why do we have to conform to what you want?… the real crime – robbing kids of creativity and passion….

84 min – love… we came today to ask for your approval and something just occurred to me – i don’t need your approval… who cares about your approval.. we don’t need your approval to tell us that what we did was real.. there are so few truths in this world.. and when you see one – you know it…huge..

bartelby speech

you just need people with a desire to better themselves..


jazz trombone – yes. everyone has something.. 





people (i would venture to say everyone – if free in spaces of permission -of echochamberness.. ie: believing they can think for themselves.. and have nothing to prove) have been having (and are having) dreams like this forever and everywhere.

today. now. we have the tech/means.. to facilitate 7 billion curiosities.. as well as hasten detox (time between intention and action ness) ..

nationality: human. 100% accepted. no?

re\wire.. a people experiment.. city as school/uni..

be\cause: everyone.

eudaimonia ness


you cannot oppress