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Jerry Michalski on abundance vs scarcity (from rex site):

Abundance changes the basic assumptions of business, violating that old conventional wisdom that scarcity equals value. Abundance makes hoarding and secrecy much less interesting than generosity and transparency. It also makes finding the right thread in the tangle much more valuable.

We’re so deep into this assumption of scarcity that we don’t even notice how much it has changed our world. (Here’s an example in education.)

from 2011:


quote from Peter Diamandis‘ book:

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so when we figure out (grok) what matters most – on a daily basis.. perhaps we come to find out those things that matter are all around us – making our current (ha) reliance/definition of currency et al – irrelevant.

storing up (things/reputations/credentials/currency/trust even – because can you really store it – is it then trust?) not only frees us up – to the day – it frees us up to be us – each day anew.

equity – everyone getting a go. every day.

we have that potential – in spades.