1-2-2 {why\how\what}

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[and why we can't not bet on a people experiment]
short version

a why is what keeps you up at night.. until it bounces you out of bed each morning. It’s the burning inside you, the thing you can’t not do.

abc set people free

side whyPerhaps a universal narrative is about people feeling/being/acting free. Perhaps our silver bullet of compulsion is driving/killing each one of us with more intense/damaging results than anything we’ve seen before.

Imagine we reverse that with a redefinition of public ed, school – as a space where most people are/are influenced. Imagine public ed as all you want it to be/become/remain. Imagine we scale each individual by facilitating connections per choice/passion/curiosity. The path to that vision boils down to whether we continue to oblige compulsion, or not. Imagine connecting to/with people/ideas – per choice [ch 3 of a be you book]. Every day.

Compulsion is not only locking up our minds, but our resources. Law suits exponentiated with the introduction of compulsory ed.  – Holt


a howis often irrelevant [or creates a stress/busy-ness] until we find our piercing why. But once we do, how becomes quite clear. Imagine we question this compulsion, perhaps we’ll find we have all we need. We listen deeper. We notice more. We share better.

abc spaces of permission

side howPerhaps we try a new/old idea of time and space. Imagine mental/physical spaces that are 100% free form. Many of us believe that to be too ridiculous. But what if we have that all wrong. What if we’re not getting to an equitable world, because we’re not completely unleashing/letting go. Obsession with management/control/prestige most often trumps authenticity.

Perhaps we experiment in a space with all kinds of people/resources. Perhaps we believe – that in that space – there is never nothing going on – and no one has anything to prove. Imagine that happening as the day, not as a tack on to current busy-ness.

Imagine spaces of permission [ch 2] where people have nothing to prove [ch 4 of a be you book].


a what is our result. Perhaps every person/parent craves peace/communication/community.

abc peace

side whatIf we focus on two conversations, and call that school, the world can/could change for good, today. If everyone starts talking to themselves, we will end up with 7 billion authentic people taking charge of their day, 7 billion art-ists. We’ll have cities/communities where everyone is known by someone, with time and space for gatherings that matter.

Perhaps then we will see how breathtaking people are. How hungry people are, for hard work/play that matters. Perhaps we find ourselves swimming in more solutions, than problems.

Today, this is doable. Tech wants to act as placebo/jumpstart. It can ground initial chaos by hastening the time between people finding their art/passion and finding their people.

Imagine 7 billion people experiencing soul peace [ch 1], co-creating world peace [ch 5 of a be you book].