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you school

YouSchool unlocks the full potential of high school and college students by giving them the tools and guidance to plan a life made for them. We help students explore who they are, figure out what they want, and create a plan to make their dreams a reality.

We offer four custom programs to go through YouSchool.

1. Fully guided 12 week program
2. Fully guided 3 weekends program
3. Self-study program
4. The 4 week summer program

We also offer a membership program for all participants upon completion of the YouSchool program.


via President and Chief Guide, Scott Schimmel:

With so much national attention on the public school system, and so much focus on data derived from standardized testing, we’re noticing the glaring lack of attention spent on helping REAL people understand themselves and grow into self-aware human beings. How is it, that students can go through well over a decade of school, but not know what to do with their lives when they come out on the other side?

Why don’t students spend ONE class period, one day, or one week learning about themselves?


click below to find a sample of their book that walks you through YouSchools’ four distinct sections:

Finding YouDefining YouUnleashing YouMy Advisors 

each designed to help you develop the tools you need to better understand yourself, gain clarity about your future, and create a life based on your own unique passions, skills, interests, and motivations.

you school book


chief innovation officer: Shawn Parr of bulldog drummond, along with other kool people ,.. kool beans videos as well..

dive in.


bob on youschool podcast feb 2019 –

why i like what you’re doing is you figure out what kids like.. and then.. you’re constantly changing

5 min – it’s more like picking a lock than finding the key

work more on your character than your career.. direction over destination

lawyer is a great career.. make a ton of money.. but not a difference

18 min – what’s your relationship w ambiguity.. that curiosity.. be curious about people.. that’s going to go far..

25 min – power of being fully present.. with who you are with now rather than looking to next thing.. i wear a mood ring.. i don’t look it/meanings up.. an opp to say how i feel.. talk about how you’re feeling rather than where you are.. as discipline to stay in touch..

28 min – and.. just be good to yourself.. chill out.. relax and enjoy now.. take an interest in what’s around you


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