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xiao xiao bw oh my. what an intro to breathtakingness. at bif9.

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shots from bif of her playing with herself and others..

xiao xiao

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playing with who knows playing with more


tweets from talk:

@xiaosquared – oh my. just oh my. #bif9

@xiaosquared – invention as a rediscovery, a returning to… #bif9

@xiaosquared – playing a duet with yourself. from the past.. #bif9

@xiaosquared – it’s not so much about the big ideas, but about experiencing life.. #bif9

@xiaosquared – it’s absurd to ask – what’s the big idea of a city, a symphony, a life #bif9

@xiaosquared – in our world of big ideas.. it’s easy to pay attention to the theme, but in music it’s the variations that matter most #bif9

@xiaosquared – perfection can keep us from us #bif9

@xiaosquared – we can then translate/breathe the composition back into experience #bif9

@xiaosquared – come to know the city not through analysis .. but through experience #bif9

@xiaosquared – learning a new piece is a lot like learning to live in a new city #bif9


jan 2015:


“The two components of telepresence are interpersonal space and shared information,” Ishii says as he walks me through the Tangible Media area he founded within the MIT Media Lab. In MirrorFugue, one of more than 140 experiments credited to Ishii’s group, PhD candidate Xiao Xiao combines the haptic feedback concept embedded in InTouch with visual and audio elements to create what she dubs as “ghost presence.” In the experiment, a young girl was recorded playing on a grand piano. The visual recording of her hands playing is later superimposed on the piano keys, as the keys are triggered to play by her original movements. Live music emanates from the piano, with the pianist at once present and absent. Later, a woman sits at the same piano and plays alongside the ghost hands, seeing and feeling the younger girl’s hands physically trigger sound as she simultaneously sees and hears her own on the same piano.



Video of my defense is now up! vimeo.com/175361217 Topics: how to learn music, tech to help learn music, strategies for leaning anything

4 min – body syntonicity – seymour papert – thinking that uses the knowledge and sense of one’s own body  – syntonic = in tune

6 min – marvin minsky… his ai and his piano improve.. to better understand the mind

7 min – young girl asking – how do i be smarter – to panel of marvin and seymour… marvin answers – learn something really well then use that to learn everything else….

8 min – marvin: when children learn to play music they are not taught to learn about what’s happening.. look at the opportunity we are missing…

9 min – serious study: play notes based on written score

50 min – key is we’re all connected..

54 min – alan kay: most important thing for designers to work on is tools to help people become autodidacts..

mech simple enough to ie: hosting-life-bit

55 min – what does it mean to be an autodidact.. knowing how to learn

marvin 1\shouldn’t worry about trivials.. 3\ identify/copy intellectual heroes.. copy way they think