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intro’d to William when he spoke at tedxteen 2014:

10 years ago – a teenager couldn’t have done something that millions of people would have used… 


gamestop ness

I watched this live; you should absolutely watch the entire segment now if you haven’t already seen it.https://t.co/rSauNl9JTG
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3 min video of chamath palihapitiya:

i think what you’re seeing is a pushback agaisnt the establishment in a really important way

3 kinds of post in forum: 2\ out of 2008.. a lot of these kids’ lost homes.. parents lost jobs.. and wondered why those got bailed out and no one helped their fam..

yeah.. debt (book)utopia of rules, need to let go of any form of m\a\p

imagine if we

This. Out of all the articles I read, @williamlegate is the only one that has explained in a way I understand. Thank you! https://t.co/1VWLVsl3LD
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2 min video of william.. pretty much saying similar to chamath.. pushback against wall st.. occupy part 2

Thank you to whoever explained this – @reddit is incredible
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linked to 4 paragraph image – kind of hard to read.. but last line says:

hedge fund declaring bankruptcy.. and reddit thread is combing thru other hedge funds so can short squeeze them into bankruptcy as well.. all of wall street is saying that the pubic joining together in this fashion should be illegal, but really they just lost at their own game to the masses..

cool.. but better (for all of us.. has to be something for all of us or it won’t work).. let’s let go of any form of m\a\p

imagine if we

ongoing circling/analyzing of convos/actions et al.. from all the sides..

via michel fb share – what does world look like after capitalism – by umair haque – [https://eand.co/our-civilization-needs-a-new-economy-or-it-dies-fbacb514e4c2]

This isn’t some kind of victory against capitalism. It’s average Americans treating each other like Wall St treats them — and everyone celebrating it thoughtlessly, because America is too conditioned and brainwashed to understand how toxic that really is, to ever really question the idea that maybe we should not have to exploit each other in order to live.

haven’t read it all.. but did skim to this:

Let me make a modest proposal to you. Everybody on planet earth should have an income.

which (to me) is just another version of the same broken feedback loop – ‘too conditioned and brainwashed to understand how toxic that really is’

we have to let go of any form of m\a\p

imagine if we

“This is for you, Dad”: Interview with an Anonymous GameStop Investor https://t.co/G7sJsaWPnK https://t.co/SX9LrKAATg
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on william and david pillow fighting:

Ty to all the investors who have reached out privately to me or David. We are not looking for outside investment. I am funding 100% of our pillow venture. It will be 100% owned by me, David, & our strategic partners. We want to retain complete control so no compromises on values
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Incredible. https://t.co/EtGmHFnS1b
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one min clip of david mentioning it on cnn interview


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William LeGate (born September 3, 1994), is an American entrepreneur, computer scientist, and 2013 Thiel Fellow. He is most widely recognized for creating, at age 14, the iOS application Fake-A-Text which, combined with his other applications, has received over 5 million downloads to date and is used by 1 in 12 American teenagers. LeGate was raised in Marietta, Georgia and graduated from The Walker School in 2013.