why don’t we own this

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About WDWOT?

Why Don’t We Own This? is a service by LOVELAND Technologies  (make loveland) that displays every property in a city and provides meaningful lenses to understand property information including:

  • Ownership Information
  • Property Tax Status
  • Foreclosure Information
  • Foreclosure Prevention Resources
  • Property Tax Payment Portals
  • Real-Time Foreclosure Auction Updates
  • Social Channels to comment and connect with others

The focus of Why Don’t We Own This? is Detroit, Michigan. We started WDWOT in 2011 to track the Wayne County Foreclosure Auction. Each year our work has grown along with the size and scale of the foreclosure auction and its effect on the City of Detroit, and now we’re branching out to provide more year-round property and land use services.

via Jerry Paffendorf  et al


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