the endless who

If who matters so much, if it’s gathering becomes our curriculum… where does it start… where does it end?

That’s the beauty. And the beast.

We’re so used to boundaries, to knowing it all, to confining it to a room or a town. The unknown can be unsettling. We had no idea before the web who we were reaching/affecting/helping/hurting. And now..

Dan Meyer says that patience with irresolution (3:25-5:10) is key to moving beyond the status quo. The exponential powers of the web is going to amp that irresolution. It will appear a beast if we hold on tight to control.

But if we soak in the beauty, the potential of reaching virtually everyone.. we can find great resolve in the irresolution.

We really have no idea who we impact. Others have no idea when they impact us. I used to write thank you’s on the button. How can I now? There are literally thousands of people to thank.

And as the remix gets bigger… who do you credit?

{Some people I’ve learned the most from have taught me about attribution. If you like what people do, if what they do changes you, share their art.}

Dave Cormier, George Siemens, … have no idea how they’ve impacted me. But I can see it. And it’s huge.

Rather than become overwhelmed – let’s revel in the possibility when each of us is being the best we can be.

Just be you… for the endless who.