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intro’d to Tomas via fablabs here

april 2016 – Barcelona fablab founder Tomas Diez interview for thé systemic economy Summit


in begin of computers.. room.. to pocket.. fablabs success depends on its disappearance…..when we disappear.. it means we made it.. it means we are producing at home/neighborhood/cities get back production means/production… don’t have to import…

not circular econ.. but spiral econ – not only about infinite loops.. but a set axis.. which is value

empower citizens to be owners of own destiny by means of new production


adding page while listening to lisa, arthur & tomas on decent govt


designing reality – by Gershenfeld bros


What kind of poverty should we erradicate first? (In case we could) Material or spiritual?

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what the world needs most is the energy of 8b alive people .. who grok what enough is


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Director at Fab Lab Barcelona – IAAC. Founding partner at Fab City, Smart Citizen, StudioP52. Urbanist and technologist. Designing emergent futures.

Barcelona, Spain

Tomas Diez is a Venezuela-born Urbanist who specialises in Digital Fabrication and its implications for the future of cities. He is the director of Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, the Fab Academy global coordinator and the European project manager of the Fab Foundation.