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Very intrigued with this conference/idea Richard put on in sept 2012 – called – Intellectual Jazz.

Love the format – of a conversation – in the vulnerability of context, perpetual beta.

Write up via Thomas Fisher:

www write up

His guests included musicians (Yo-Yo Ma, Herbie Hancock,, biologists (E.O.Wilson, Craig Venter,Geoffrey West), computational innovators (Jack Dangermond, Danny Hillis, Stephen Wolfram), designers (Frank Gehry, Moshe Safdie, John Maeda, Todd Oldham), and members of the media (David Brooks, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Norman Lear). And all of them seemed to share one trait: the relentless pursuit of a big idea or passion, regardless of what their colleagues or critics thought.

As the speakers at the WWW conference amply demonstrated, outliers do need talent, hard work, and at least one supportive person in their lives.