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Wow. That’s a story of survival.

CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:53 AM – 3 Jul 2018 :
The initial euphoria of locating 12 missing boys and their soccer coach is giving way to concern over how to rescue them from deep within the Thai cave network (

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Race to rescue boys in cave in Thailand as new images of the trapped soccer team are captured. @JamesAALongman reports.


@JamesAALongman goes inside a cave in Thailand to show the conditions the trapped soccer team has been enduring for 13 days—and the challenges rescuers face getting the boys out.

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rescuer dies

Sad death of Thai rescue worker seems to show just how supremely dangerous diving would be for the boys, if they were to exert themselves that much while so weak

And that there is a real problem with air in that cave.

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James Longman (@JamesAALongman) tweeted at 4:43 AM – 6 Jul 2018 :
On @GMA this morning:
This former Thai Navy Seal volunteered to come back and help the cave rescue effort.
He sadly died in the water from lack of oxygen (

WAR WITH WATER: Rescue efforts are intensifying at this hour to free a dozen boys and their soccer coach trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand as new rain tonight may threaten the extraction mission. @JamesAALongman reports.

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James Longman (@JamesAALongman) tweeted at 4:34 AM – 8 Jul 2018 :
Road now closed on the way to the cave.
The first boys may be exiting imminently (

James Longman (@JamesAALongman) tweeted at 4:40 AM – 8 Jul 2018 :
We are overhearing regular loudspeaker announcements outside the cave, ordering people not to record video or take photos of the entrance to the cave #Thailandcave (

Wow. What an incredible moment.

Just think what their parents must have felt when they saw their boys


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NEW: @ABC’s @JamesAALongman is on the ground in Thailand with the latest on the ongoing rescue effort to retrieve boys from cave: “This is moving a lot quicker than anyone anticipated.”

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5 hrs in 5 hrs out

SPECIAL REPORT: @ABC’s @JamesAALongman, @ABonTV and @mattgutmanABC report live from Thailand where an ongoing cave rescue to extract a boys soccer team and their coach continues as authorities say four boys were successfully extracted by divers.

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The 5th child has just been driven away from the #ThaiCaveRescue in an ambulance with police escort, right past our position. We can already see another police escort moving into position in preparation for a sixth rescue yet to come.

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“What a ride this has been – full of emotion and anticipation as we wait for those ambulances.”

@ABC News’ @JamesAALongman reports from Chiang Rai as the Thai cave rescue operation continues.

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“This rescue operation has been moving along just about exactly the way that organizers wanted it to.”

@JamesAALongman has the latest on the daring Thai cave rescue effort after four more were rescued this morning:

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EIGHT BOYS RESCUED: Hope is growing after four more soccer players were pulled from the Thai cave and transported to a hospital where their parents are desperately waiting to see them. @JamesAALongman and @mattgutmanABC report.

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How did the boys trapped in the Thailand cave survive for two weeks underground? @JamesAALongman reports from Thailand:

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Rescues definitely picking up pace

On the first day the first boy came past us in an ambulance at 7pm local

On the second day, it was 5pm

Now, at just gone half 3, they’re closing the road ready for another


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What a wonderful moment.

So many people thought this impossible – those divers a real inspiration

The whole team out


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The last ambulance carrying the coach drives by as @JamesAALongman was on LIVE with @LiveKellyRyan. #GreatTVMoment

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Triumph in Thailand: Look at images of the international mission to save a soccer team & their coach trapped for weeks in a cave in a story that’s captured the world. @MattGutmanABC & @JamesAALongman report from Thailand for tonight’s special #ABC2020

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.@ABC News was first U.S. broadcast network to have a journalist on the ground (@JamesAALongman) and the only U.S. network (broadcast or cable) to air a special report Saturday night when the rescue was underway.

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ABC News (@ABC) tweeted at 5:19 AM – 19 Jul 2018 :
ABC NEWS EXCLUSIVE: “Titan,” the youngest boy saved from a flooded cave in Thailand, describes dramatic rescue to @ABC News’ @JamesAALongman. (

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CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 6:01 AM on Wed, Jul 04, 2018:
The Thai cave at the center of an international mission to rescue a soccer team and its coach is likely to become a tourist destination, government officials say



Thailand cave: Rescuers in race against weather as rains close in

There is hope that enough water can be pumped out of the cave tunnels for the boys to be able to wade – or be floated – out.

But rescuers are also planning for other eventualities.

A team are exploring the forested mountain land above the cave complex to see if they can find a chimney down to the cavern sheltering the boys. They have enlisted the help of bird-watchers, who are specialists in finding hidden holes, the AFP news agency reports.

Thai Navy Seal divers are also teaching the boys the basics of diving, with a view to guiding them out through flooded waters if necessary.

But such a rescue would be fraught with risk, say experts. Many of the boys cannot swim or dive, and there is a high risk they might panic in the dark, murky, narrow waterways.

The journey for the group to travel up to the cave entrance would take around five hours, rescue divers say.

The Thai military has previously said that if the boys can’t dive out, the group may have to wait for up to four months for flooding to recede before they can leave.

Food and other supplies are being put in place for that eventuality.

CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:33 AM – 6 Jul 2018 :
Tech billionaire Elon Musk is sending SpaceX and Boring Company engineers to Thailand to help aid the rescue of the 12 boys and their football coach trapped in a cave (


inside thai cave

NYT Graphics (@nytgraphics) tweeted at 9:24 PM – 6 Jul 2018 :
The obstacles and tasks ahead of rescue divers attempting to save 12 boys and their soccer coach from a cave.


TIME (@TIME) tweeted at 5:37 AM – 7 Jul 2018 :
“I love you mom, I love you dad.” Trapped Thai soccer team sends handwritten notes from the cave (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:17 AM on Sun, Jul 08, 2018:
The 12 boys and their coach are aware that an operation to rescue them from a flooded Thai cave has begun, officials say. Follow live updates:

CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 8 Jul 2018 :
Divers have entered the Thai cave to begin the rescue operation for 12 boys and their soccer coach, who have been trapped there for more than two weeks (

#UPDATE Four boys among 13 trapped in flooded Thai cave brought out so far, AFP reports citing #Thailand’s defense ministry spokesman #ThaiCaveRescue

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Ninety divers – 50 foreign, 40 Thai – are involved in the Thailand cave rescue, the head of the operation says

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If the young Thai football team safely completes its escape from the caves today, FIFA should send a private jet to collect them next weekend and bring them to the World Cup Final as guests of honour. Winning, or losing will be put into proper perspective.

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Let us all take a moment today to remember Saman Gunan, the Thai #Navy Seal that died making sure the kids stuck in the cave had enough oxygen so that today’s rescue would even be possible. #ThaiCaveRescue #Hero

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CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:10 AM – 9 Jul 2018 :
BREAKING: A fifth boy has been rescued from a cave in Thailand — the first after operations resumed on Monday, eyewitness says.
Latest updates: (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:22 AM – 10 Jul 2018 :
JUST IN: An eleventh boy has been rescued from the Thai cave, according to an eyewitness who is part of the rescue operations. One boy and his coach remain inside.
Live updates: (

at same time (japan):

TIME (@TIME) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 10 Jul 2018 :
Rescuers are searching through mud for dozens missing in Japanese floods, which have killed at least 134 (

back to thai

7 News Sydney (@7NewsSydney) tweeted at 5:12 AM – 10 Jul 2018 :
**BREAKING** All the boys and their coach are out of the Tham Luang cave. Navy Seals and the doctor still yet to exit. Live coverage on @Channel7 at 10pm with @michaelusher, @ChrisReason7 & @MaxFutcher. #ThamLuang #7News (

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Richard Barrow in Thailand (@RichardBarrow) tweeted at 5:05 AM – 10 Jul 2018 :
6pm Live broadcast of the rescue operation on Thai TV stations has been interrupted by the daily propaganda program produced by the military junta. The nation turns off their TV’s & watch live broadcast on Facebook instead #ThamLuang #ถ้ำหลวง #Thailand (


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 6:02 AM – 11 Jul 2018 :
The Thai cave rescue was extremely treacherous. Watch how rescuers saved the 12 boys and their soccer coach, passing through a flooded channel that was no wider than a person at times. (


thai coach

Ekkapol Chantawong, the Thai coach trapped with his team in a flooded underground cave lost his entire family when he was 10 years old. He spent the next decade living in a Buddhist temple, where he meditated daily. He’s taught the boys on his team to meditate also, which has helped them to conserve energy and remain calm as they have awaited rescue.


image from fb.. boys in immigration detention watching thai boys


Amy Siskind (@Amy_Siskind) tweeted at 6:16 AM on Tue, Jul 10, 2018:
Now that all 12 of the kids have been rescued from the cave, let’s focus on the 3,000 migrant children that the Trump regime separated from their parents and have hidden from our media and are treating like animals!


on elon and thai boys et al via zeynep

thread (s)

zeynep tufekci (@zeynep) tweeted at 5:26 AM – 15 Jul 2018 :
Heard about @Elonmusk’s rescue “submarine”? The cave-diver who masterminded the Thai cave rescue called it a “PR stunt”—that was the politest thing he said. You might be wondering: well, he tried to help. Let me explain with this thread and this NYT piece.

First, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help. That’s great. Wonderful. I commend @elonmusk and every single person who says they’d like to help—anyone, anywhere. The problem isn’t that at all. But there is a huge lesson here for all of Silicon Valley—if they can listen.

“move fast and break things” I wonder why I think that. (I’m a programmer by the way, just gave it up to move to academia).

I dabbled in caving (no more, too dangerous) and am a certified diver (only open water!!!) and I have a long-term interest in institutional safety *and* Silicon Valley. I don’t want to put down any effort to help but I want to explain this and more.

As humans we do a lot of dangerous things—some for fun (like climbing or cave-diving!) and some routinely as part of modern life (drive, fly, factories, medicine) etc. Many more mature industries and sports have extensive experience in iterative, long-term learning in safety.

There is obviously a lot of smart and creative people in tech, but they suffer from an Achilles Heel trio of weaknesses: self-perceived idealism as excuse, overconfidence in their capabilities outside their own areas of expertise, and lack of attentiveness to details and harms.

In contrast, people like those top cave-divers who found & rescued the boys (their technical achievement & bravery is one for the ages) come from an opposite culture that is no less innovative but very very different. It’s also quite modest so that hides the amazing nature of it.

Stanton and Volanthen—who first made it to the boys and shot the remarkable video of them huddling in jerseys—brushed off media while first entering the cave, refusing to give interviews and just said “we’ve got a job to do.” Volanthen went back to work day after rescue

So Musk’s sub was impractical, and would never work. Ok. What’s the harm & why is Vern Unsworth so irritated? Well, he’s the one who organized everything, got Thai authorities to let cave-divers take over. One Thai Seal had perished and more would, along with boys. Listen up now.

Do have any idea what it must have been for some random guy to convince the Thai gov’t to let a bunch of cave-divers run the whole thing? There were so few of them who could do this that the whole thing halted while they slept. That’s why rescuers hate PR stunts AND VIP visits.

Some billionaire-struck gov’t official might say, hey, let’s try. It distracts. It’s ok to develop a back-up plan, and given odds of a rescue, why not? What’s not okay is to broadcast it, to bug the rescue team directly (find consultants!), and for media to give it such coverage.

Now moving beyond the cave rescue. As I write, Silicon Valley innovation has advantages.. for a young industry. No more. Software is eating the world, and it’s time for the other approach also—iterative learning, domain expertise, safety culture, do no harm as a principle, etc

But the idea that being smart in one domain qualifies one to just dabble in another is dangerous. For example, for long, many SV companies refused to understand they’re in people business and tried to handle it as a side issue that they can handle because they are smart. NOPE.

Repeat: I’m NOT criticizing @elonmusk for trying to help. But his irritation at a Thai official saying his sub was sophisticated but not practical (rescue was almost over) may perhaps be a learning moment? Wealth, fame and power are curses to judgment. None of us would be immune.

Point isn’t that everything should be like the airline industry or like cave-diving. But, look. After the 1996 TWA crash, they put the plane back together. Investigated for four years. Redesigned things. That’s why commercial flying is so safe. This approach needs more respect.

The flashy tech solution and the savior make good movies. But what makes most things work is the quite hero/ine embedded in institutional knowledge—divers who brought decades of knowledge. The Thai officials who let go—must have been hard. Farmers who let their fields be flooded.


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:26 AM – 18 Jul 2018 :

The boys are due to make their first public appearance since the ordeal at a press conference, before returning home to their families later on Wednesday evening


CNN (@CNN) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 24 Jul 2018 :
The young Thai soccer team whose dramatic evacuation from a cave captured the world’s attention took their first steps in becoming novice Buddhist monks in a ceremony intended to honor their rescuers (