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intro’d to Stan via this global voices hangout on their eci about unconditional basic income.

 Stanislas Jourdan | Main coordinator for European Citizens’ Initiative for Unconditional Basic Income in France

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Mediactivist @OuiShare & @revenudebaseFR + organizer of@basicincomeEU. Beyond the crisis.

Nomad / Paris 

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Global Voices (writer) — the grass-root global community newsroom

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on about page – writes of connection to edgeryders..


july 2015 – 30 dutch communities to experiment with versions of bi


may 2016

Europe: 64% of People in Favour of Basic Income, Poll Finds


This is why I do what I do. #Basicincome awareness and support are linked.… via


@2noame but awareness is now self-generating. Now we need to think of building political power. What will you do for that? ;)


@stanjourdan I still have my awareness work cut out for me here in the US. And lots LOTS more to write.


@2noame yes I guess so. My point is, how to make your work part of a power-building process.


@stanjourdan I’m doing what I can, Stan, and will continue to do so.


@2noame ahah i wasn’t expecting you to give up! Just wondering whether you think of next steps already.


@stanjourdan Part of what I already do is next step, which is connecting people and growing the network. Will focus more locally soon too.


@2noame Cool! I guess I’m asking cause i only see the visible part of the Scottberg :)

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@2noame@stanjourdan perhaps we design for bi as a temp bridge/placebo to a nother way to live. one that would self-generate ongoingly

short .. to get us to disengage from money – measuring transactions..

ie: hosting life bits

so – power building process (political power) – people.. 7 bill people are the power.. the process. as the day. every day.