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intro’d to Sebastian via his 2016 ted@bcgparis – The era of personal DNA testing is here

on virus.. begging you find out sooner.. before it spreads… ie: 2 weeks (just enough time for infection to spread).. compared to 1 hr..

today living in era of personal dna tech.. fundamental molecule that carries genetic instructions that help build the living world… inform how bodies develop/grow/function… same info can trigger disease…

over 3 bill letters beginning to end.. lines that matter.. a few dozen.. don’t need to read all.. 3 decades ago started to invent tools that can find any line in dna.. copy target gene.. millions of copies.. until gene stands out against the rest.. until we can visualize it

this ability to make copies of dna has transformed our world

inventor of technique awarded nobel in 1993.. but for 30 yrs.. power has been confined to ivory tower.. several co’s working on making this tech accessible to everyday people..

i co founded one of these co’s.. to bring dna science to more people in new places.. what could world look like if everyone could analyze dna

hard to imagine where tech can take us

7 min – on ebola in sierra leon

8 min – on immune system in outer space – via 16 yr old… may seem like.. a child genius.. but to me it’s bigger.. it means.. finally dna tech into hands of many

12 min – it’s at times like this that profound transformation is bound to happen.. moments when transformative/powerful tech that was before limited to select few finally becomes w/in reach of everyone of us

a nother way.. we can now leap to such a moment for 7 bill

revolutions don’t go backwards. and dna tech is already spreading faster than our imagination.. it is in our dna to be curious..


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We live in a DNA world. DNA science helps develop new medicines, improve crops, solve crimes, and inform our medical choices. Yet most of us never touch DNA technologies because they are complex and expensive. miniPCRTM opens the world of DNA science for everyone, everywhere.


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