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intro’d to Sam via Saul‘s post on fb:

Woohoo! Meet BIF’s new Student Experience Lab Director, author of Hip Hop Genius, Sam Seidel. Beyond jazzed to welcome Sam to our crazy team of inspiration accelerators. 
bif lab director
from 2011-12 ish

Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education


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husslington post


The Husslington Post is an online center for information related to hip-hop, education, and innovation.  The site primarily consists of original content, but also includes links to valuable articles and sites from around the world (wide web).

The Husslington Post is curated by sam seidel, an educator, public speaker, and author.  



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update..? dec 2017.. from twitter profile:

Author:; Director of K12 Strategy + Research: @Stanforddschool; Entrepreneur: @theonehunted; Circle Member: @CJIcircle; +

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