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intro’d to Roland via economic democracy documentary


jan 2016 – Work takes meaning from life

why do we work so much..?..why do we work at all.. and why to such great extent..?

on working to survive… most of us not engaged in that type of production..

reason why amount of work is so crucial at this time.. is because we’re constantly reducing need for human labor…

2 min – tech potential.. could work 4 hrs a day..

3 min – used to use gains of productivity for shortening working horus.. ie: 100 yrs ago 8 hr working day.. shorten working week from 6 to 5 days.. increased number of holiday weeks.. decreased age of retirement from 67 to 65…

4 min – today.. first time in history.. lengthening working hours.. forcing people to work longer in life in order to get out livable pensions.. main part of productivity gains goes to those who control capital.. very strong reason why we’ve had fastest growing here.. in the whole of europe..

5 min – why work so much .. not to guarantee our material survival.. more for survival of capitalism.. wage labor is central to capitalism.. & can’t reduce working hrs too much w/in capitalism..

capitalism is a very easy answer to why we work so much but doesn’t explain everything.. doesn’t explain why labor movement has dropped.. 6 hr working day.. this is where relevant to talk about..

6 min – …an ideology of work… a set of conceptions/fears/values that legitimate that we should continue to work as much as we do or more regardless of how efficient our tech becomes..

7 min – among conceptions.. one sticks out: notion that work gives meaning to life.. even if don’t have same material needs. .still need work to feel good about selves..

in general .. work doesn’t give but takes meaning from life.. ie: gallop.. 13% of global workforce feel engaged in jobs.. most indifferent work for income.. 24% disengaged..

8 min – simple reason most see work as meaningless.. is because it so often is..clear connection to growth in productivity here.. if constantly replace human labor with tech w/o shortening hours.. we will have to create new jobs.. and that is what every politician keeps returning to.. necessity of creating new jobs..

9 min – it’s almost as if purpose of new politics has become to create new jobs.. but very few are willing to explain.. what all these new jobs are for..

bullshit jobs..

9 min – doesn’t matter which jobs we create.. important thing is that they have them.. because thru jobs can get an income.. almost only way we distribute wealth in our society

so we go on creating jobs that earlier generations never needed.. and often jobs for which you have to create needs thru advertising/marketing.. booming industries

10 min – part of my research – taking a closer look at these jobs.. do we really need them.. and how does it make us feel.. surveys – avg of 2 hours a day on private activities during work day..

11 min – this type of empty labor is an extreme ie of how wage labor has been disconnected from this productive activity.. that eventually gives food/shelter.. most of us are not working with any of that..

so good reason to question why work is taking time from out lives..

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Roland Paulsen appeared in 2010 with the book Working Society – How the work survived technology . Paulsen wanted to create a change in the perception of work in relation to the need for work has decreased as a result of technological developments. Paulsen felt that it is a waste of human and natural resources that people’s efforts have not fallen in line with technological progress. He also stressed that work is about to lose its value creation function. Work to measure rather than religious function and acts as a distribution mechanism. Paulsen’s purpose is to discuss about the meaning of work and has proposed a guaranteed basic income as an alternative way to distribute the wealth of society. According to Paulsen, it is absurd that politicians give priority to job creation and the issue of working time have been swept away completely. He also thinks that people with the highest income are usually the ones that produce the least. Paulsen calls for criticism of the current system from feminist quarters. Paulsen also studied appoint the significance of the online dating





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