let go..


zoom dance.. 



April Rinne (@aprilrinne) tweeted at 5:44 PM on Mon, Mar 25, 2019:
Move over hygge, there’s a new Danish word in town: pyt. Think move on, get over it, hit the reset button. The more word and ways we have to cultivate healthy thoughts to deal with stress, the better.

you may have heard about “hygge,” ..often mistranslated to mean “cozy,” it really describes the process of creating intimacy.

But another word “pyt”–which sort of sounds like pid–was recently voted the most popular word by Danes, beating out “dvæle” (to linger) and “krænkelsesparat” (ready to take offense).

At its core, it’s about accepting and resetting. It’s used as a reminder to step back and refocus rather than overreact. Instead of assigning blame, it’s a way to to let go and move on.

let go.. reset.. zoom out..