philosophy – a people agenda

This is a people agenda. Which means there is no agenda when we gather in a room.There is only trust.

Trust frees us to be ourselves. It rids us of rules that bind and assumptions that blind. We believe we need to gracefully and respectfully question everything.
We believe the process of learning is natural if we give ourselves and each other permissions to:
pay attention
listen deeply
listen differently
notice the unlikely.
We believe school becomes life when the learner owns the learning, when respect for every voice is the soul of the learning community.
The beauty of adversity is that it unveils privacy. Often, the only problem with communication is that we think we have attained it. There is so much hidden in the heart that our eyes and ears often miss. Transparency is becoming the new currency.
Imagine with us, how a person might change, how a community might change, how the world might change, if we determined that people and relationships matter most. Imagine community as the curriculum. Imagine people genuinely valuing people, no strings attached. At the end of the day, what matters more than the human spirit?
Knowledge exists in connections. Learning is growing/pruning those connections. (-G Siemens)
We believe that empowering all learners to own their learning, speak with their own voice, define their own success, and then share their art/gift/talent is going to be the change we all crave.
Rather than focus on achievement gap, we choose to wonder and question and share what it means to be human and alive.

4 Comments on “philosophy – a people agenda”

  1. lapaz49 says:

    Ok, so I start out with Linchpin and get obsessed, a good obsession. I start school, start my blog…still good. Now week three. I am pretty much by myself, Linchpin is on the shelf. I keep writing in my blog and learn that shipping is fun…but in a vacuum forward movement becomes a challenge. So I start to Whine, don’t like myself much so get back to bases/basis that makes sense and try to get unstuck. The sytem is like quicksand. I am watching Kindergarten kids being prepared for active involvement…”Don’t talk in the halls while walking, and teachers that goes for you too” and I hear, “and wipe that smile off your face, you’re going to interrupt the learning process.” Changing how I think, no matter how incredible life is out there, takes effort, all by myself effort, but sooner or later I connect to a blog, a word, a phrase and everything is good.

  2. monika hardy says:

    i love where your head is Paul. let’s move…

  3. lapaz49 says:

    My daughter saw the post I left yesterday. Her comment, “Don’t you remember LOLLIPOP dad?” Yes, lollipop is the acronym she made up one day. Lots of Loving Laughter In Place of Pouting. When I start to Whine I need to remember Lollipops and smile. Thanks, Sofi.

  4. monika hardy says:

    how cool. thank you Sofi.