people who do things

the article linked to the graphic below describes a vision of what the app (creating your brain/non-linear portfolio) could facilitate. freeing people up.. to do things that matter.

people who do things


how to measure what you’ve done (via youth in the lab).

1. does it matter

2. is it awesome

both assume you’ve done something.

both assume you’re talking to yourself about it.

ie: Gus, entering year 1 of the lab, where kids had asked permission to write their own curriculum:

be awesome.



like Adam & Bob Goff (p. 188) here:

so i think what i’ll do instead of writing things down now is just do lots of things, and then maybe when i’m done doing cool things, i will write them down later.   – Adam

and/or perhaps, in order to free us up to do/be more cool things, tech facilitates/logs our whimsy/whimsical adventures, so that we simply are the story.

 i used to think i needed to record stories, but now i know i just need to engage them. – Bob



entire video if you like.

note: this video was created in 2010, by Jim, to model how we were experimenting with detox. we’ve prototyped and reimagined much since then.

  • we found that – what do you want to do when you grow up – is quite mind-trapping. so we slid into the mindset of – what do you want to do today.
  • we found that kids writing/creating their own curriculum was eventually mind-trapping as well. it seems whimsy/mind wandering matters if you’re seeking true grit. and true grit matters if you’re seeking sustainability. which is perhaps a more humane way to think of stick-to-itiveness – aka: the it is me.
  • another topic we talked/talk about a lot – productivity. we settled in on the idea of fittingness (rather than productivity/simply doing things) – since doing things includes being, yet being is often times invisible to the eye.