mukunda angulo

mukunda angulo

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the brothers who never left their apartment

New documentary The Wolfpack tells the true story of the six Angulo brothers and their sister, who were kept as virtual prisoners in their New York apartment by super-controlling dad


and then we transformed into the boys who can..


wolfpack trailer (may 2015)


wolfpack toes to hollywood (july 2015)

6 min – mukunda.. on the maticulousness of attention..

14 min – something about the human spirit.. and what your father and mother did.. you turned out to be ok…

i thought.. wow what a powerful medium.. you can change someone’s life with it.. then i went to hollywood.. everything is so easily corruptible here..

17 min – greatest invention – faith and love – lightbulb is old news.. faith and love still fresh

19 min – what an experience (for both sides).. meeting up with people who have taken you in such detail… and meeting the people who unknowingly taught you so much


the wolfpack.. london gallows screening.. (aug 2015)

never give up hope….


his tedxteen – jan 2016 – How My Imagination Set Me Free 

my entire world existed in my apartment…

the only freedom i really had was my imagination


i watched so many  movies for so long.. i started thinking.. why don’t we do some of these movies.. so we did

one thing my dad couldn’t control.. was our imagination

the power of my imagination was being taken away.. and i couldn’t take it.. so i walked out my front door for the first time in my life.. it was a now or never moment

i walked out as michale myer in halloween.. he was unstoppable… and that’s how i felt that day..

a huge freedom accomplishment for me.. cops getting me and taking me to psych ward… room mates.. peers… movie watching..

so i told my dad.. it’s over… your dictatorship and control over us.. is over.. as of now.. we are all free.. and he accepted it.. for the very first time.. we were free..

figured out how to get around nyc from movies based in nyc.. and it guided us well…

as exploring nyc.. our first friend on the street – director – Crystal Moselle.. wandering the streets and our first friend is a film maker..

i could bring my imagination to other people besides the one’s i grew up with..

11 min – it really was a whole new level of freedom.. and crista was so good.. we shared out story with her.. that’s how.. doc.. wolfpack came to be…. premiered and won best doc of year

i’ll never forget the day they announced it .. because they said it was a film about the power of imagination…

14 min – i got to meet the same people who taught me how to talk… i really saw how imagination brings people together..

15 min – my imagination sets me free from anger/bitterness/self-doubt/judging others… helps me see hope.. endless opportunities

before i walked out front door.. my imagination was only place i felt free.. now.. i’m out in the world doing all these things i always dreamed of doing… better than anything i ever imagined..

imagination isn’t just a fairy tale or fantasy.. it’s you .. it’s who you are.. it’s the power w/in you.. believe in it..nurture it… it’s your freedom..



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perfect timing/encouragement for me Mukunda… profondo grazie

imagining.. a nother way to live.