molly winter

molly winter

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intro’d to Molly via her tedxbend – the taboo secret to healthier plants and people..

how we feel about this is going to determine how innovative we can be

design for reuse for the very beginning.. because everything does get reused..

thinking jeremy england.. makes for redistribution..

sometimes whole categories of innovation.. ones that can help us live more beautifully.. turn out to be illegal…

codes..under assumption that best practices would remain best practices with incremental updates forever and ever.. but innovation isn’t always incremental

need to leap.. for blank’s sake

incremental ness

4 min – 700 mill sick annually.. 900 die every year

amazing nutrients in your daily duty… a health smoothie for a tree

consider what ll the drugs we take do to the

this isn’t just a problem we need to retain.. if we flip it.. can solve so many other problems..

we’re going to reuse this.. let’s decide to make it useful…

1\ we can fertilize our food… 1/2 or all… dark brown poo… is dead bacteria.. that’s carbon… healthier food.. healthier people….

chemical fertilizers don’t have carbon in them.. move manure to soil… might not need to rely on fossil fertilizers… mine minerals from far away.. imagine how much energy we could save..

we need to separate our discomfort about talking about poo and pee so we can talk about how to reuse it..

we can start to slow down carbon change.. get that into soil bank.. will absorb carbon dioxide that we put into the air.. that will slow it down..

why are people doing this… save money/energy.. yes.. but.. they felt good about it..

8 min – recode laws..

9 min – save a lot of money.. first permit.. in oregon.. now wash water reused… et al

yeah that shit makes sense..

aging infrastructure.. updating..3/4 of costs.. pipes snaking through city.. might make sense to treat and reuse everything on site.. use wash water to water backyard in sf

10 min – ie: solar power… now huge.. the sun doesn’t vary with earthly dramas.. we’re driving it because.. it’s cool to talk about energy..

we encourage best/brightest to work on this issue…

so let’s talk about our drinking water is coming from.. where our poo and pee are going..

how all of you all feel is going to determine how innovative we can be


thinking: peepoople ness and entropy ness and heat waste ness and upcycle ness

so ..       h      u      g      e


listen to the trees.. et al..

entropy ness

a nother way.. to embrace emergence ness.. of our wild ness

ie: embracing uncertainty.. antifragilewhimsical..


for (blank)’s sake


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illustrator, working on legalizing sustainable building practices with

from her about page:

Molly is director of Recode. She initially volunteered on research and code writing projects, then as staff researcher, and now as director. Before joining Recode she worked for four years in research and development for a founding B Corp that manufactures countertops from recycled glass. Molly reformulated their product line to meet MBDC’s Cradle to Cradle Gold Rating. Molly’s experience in lean green manufacturing led her to develop and maintain standard operating procedures. To make sure non-native English speakers were able to follow crucial operating procedures she developed her skills in visual explanations, this has led to work in a range of mediums from print and web to ceramic park signage for Seattle’s Beacon Food Forest. Molly’s work has been featured in MIT’s Design Issues, USA Today, Center for Disease Control, Smith magazine, and Sustainability Review. Molly has given talks at the Living Future Conference, Surfrider Foundation, Tiny House Conference, Oregon Onsite Wastewater Association, and the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference. Molly’s academic background includes RISD, BA from Oberlin College’s environmental studies program, and Cewas, a Swiss-based competence center linking sustainable water, sanitation and resource management with business development.