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intro’d to Maurice via his april 2016 tedxportland..The incredible inventions of intuitive AI:

h g age lasted several mn yrs…agricultural age several thousand yrs..industrial age couple centuries…info age just a few decades…today..on cusp of next great era 

last 3.5 mn have been completely exactly what we tell them and nothing more

tools making this leap from passive to generative..generative design tools use a computer/algos to synth geometry to come up w/new designs all by selves..all it needs are your goals/constraints explores entire solution space..every single possibility that solves/meets your criteria..mns of them

hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data.. finding your match..everyday.. all of us…imagine the energy unleashed in that..

computers can now generate..come up w/own sol’s to well-defined probs..but they’re not intuitive..still have to start from scratch every single time..because they never learn

maggie (dog).. 1\had to pay attention 2\had to remember what happened 3\had to retain/create pattern in mind

..exactly what computer scientists have been trying to get ai’s to do for last 60 yrs

in order to win..alphago had to develop intuition

intuition..? alpha go..? Monica..?

using human for what human is good at: awareness/perception/decision-making..using robot for what it’s good at: precision/repetitiveness

project..HIVE..prototype experience of humans/computers/robots all working together to solve a highly complex design problem…humans acted as labor..manipulated bamboo which is super hard for robot..robots did fiber winding..almost impossible for a human..and ai that was controlling everything..telling humans/robots what to do..and keeping track of thousands of individ components. .simply not possible w/o human/robot/ai augmenting each other

computers aug our ability to imagine/design new stuff..robotic systems help us build/make things we’ve never been able to make before..but what about ability to sense/control these things..a nervous system for things that we make..

human nervous system tells us everything going on around us..but nervous system of things we make is rudimentary at best

missing..nervous system connecting us to all of the things that we design/make/use..last year..spent about 2 tn convincing people to buy things ..we could actually go from making people want our just making stuff that people want 

gershenfeld sel

instrumented it w/dozens of sensors..put a world-class driver behind wheel..drove hell out of it for’s nervous system captured everything ..4 bn data pts..took all of that data..plugged into a generative-design ai we call..dreamcatcher..something a human could never have designed..except a human did design this..but it was augmented by a gen-design ai..a digital nervous system and robots that can actually fabricate something like this

so still.. see.. remember patterns.. just a lot of them.. not intuition.. which is fine..and i don’t think we’ll ever get.. hence.. augmentation ness

going to see a world..moving from fabricated to farmed..constructed to grown.. isolated to connected..extraction to aggregation..from craving obedience from our things to valuing autonomy

change dramatically..more variety/connectedness/dynamism/complexity/adaptability/beauty. partnership between tech/nature/humanity

eagle and condor ness

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bio from ted page:

Maurice is a designer, futurist and innovator. He’s worked with startups, government agencies, artists and corporations to explore the things that will matter to us in the future, and to design solutions to get them there.

Conti is currently Director of Applied Research & Innovation at Autodesk. He also leads Autodesk’s Applied Research Lab, which he built from the ground up. Conti and his team are responsible for exploring the trends and technologies that will shape our future and to begin building the solutions that can help make our world a better place.

His team’s research focuses on advanced robotics, applied machine learning, the Internet of Things and climate change/sea level rise.

Conti is also an explorer of geographies and cultures. He has circumnavigated the globe once and been half-way around twice. In 2009 he was awarded the Medal for Exceptional Bravery at Sea by the United Nations, the New Zealand Bravery Medal and a U.S. Coast Guard Citation for Bravery for saving the lives of three shipwrecked sailors.

Conti lives in Muir Beach, CA, where he serves his local community as a volunteer firefighter.



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