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intro’d to Matt’s work/voice a couple years back via Rob Greco.

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Astra Taylor is part of the faculty at the Purple Thistle Institute.

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Matt has authored several books..

high high recommend: Everywhere All the Time: A New Deschooling Reader

everywhere all the time

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brilliant collection.

most incredible measurement for research or whatever – this is –




p. 2 – The strange psychological condition which I will call the scholastic condition of the soul, and which all of us, unfortunately, know too well, consists in that all the higher faculties, imagination, creativeness, inventiveness, give way to tother , semi-animal faculties, ……. in short, in developing a faculty for crushing all higher faculties, so that only those might be evolved which coincide with the scholastic condition of fear, and of straining memory and attention.

disruptive sustainability

p. 18 – Holt – Next to the right to life itself, the most fundatmental of all human rights is the right to control our own minds and thoughts. …Whoever takes that right away from us, as the educators do, attacks the very center of our being and does us a most profound and lasting injury. .. The point is that it is the do-er, not someone else, who has decided what he will say, hear, rea, write, or think or dream about. 

potential benefits

p. 54 – Gatto – save 75-100 mill


p. 62 – Holt/Illich/Falbel – education = need of treatment

p. 64 – Falbel – 1. honor dropuots 2. trust learning/learners 3. bag credentialing 4. open and apprentice-ships et al 5. kids work/live 6. city as school 7. social fiction

p. 71 – Gagnon – worth more than I think I will ever know

p. 88 – what impossible means

p. 100 – Friere – what is literacy

p. 102 – perpetuating slavery today

p. 107 – defn of hope

p. 132 – add to documentation of unschoolers – via gagnon

p. 142 – Yaacov – one model

1. present – 8-1:30 (each has house)

2. meet w/advisor regularly

1. class offered by staff & community – per choice

2. learning centers – students often take lead in teaching

3. self-directed learning centers – staffed buildg – twice/yr student can request funds

parliament every friday for 2 hrs

p. 154 – batey – puerto rican for mtg area

p. 155 – legal support of al. schools NALSAS – 2008 – allow hs diploma

p. 160 – schools allowing curiosity

p. 169 – school board to finance as special program – Windsor House

p. 209 – beyond documentation

p. 211 – own path

discrimination as equity

p. 212 – focus on individuals – keeps from bureaucracy

p. 224 – relevance

p. 226 -227 – whoa about NGO’s

p. 228 – disruptive sustainability

p. 233 – what we  need to study is student voice like Cristian & Sierra – how they changed when freed up

p. 234 – Holt – social fiction – add to his page

p. 236 – schools tie up funds in schools, rather than for community museums, libraries, etc

called a deschooling reader – it’s a total reaffirmation pill.

the many real life stories Matt shares – people seeking life without compulsory curriculum/attendance/validation.

again – one book can’t contain everything, but this one certainly contains


we can’t not hasten equity. everyone should get a go. a choice. everyone should now and be able to access all/these options.


kaller dietrich



More from Matt:

Deschooling Our Lives (1998).

Field Day: Getting Society Out of School and Common Ground in a Liquid City (more about cities than about education), both which are fully his work.




We’re aiming to have a full project up and running by Sept. 2013 and a pilot underway well before then. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or advice  – or if you’re interested in being part of this – please do contact us.


read via hern

from Natural Born Learners
by Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko, Carlo Ricci


Ofira Roll


hmschool/unschool conf 2014: Matt’s talk – none of us if one of us ness