m of care – may 11

Part 7 Roy Bhaskar’s Enlightened Common Sense and From Science to Emancipation – Reading Group – may 11 2023

on roy bhaskar‘s enlightened common sense


notes/quotes from 67 min video:

20 min – steve: words we say don’t align w concept we’re trying to describe.. but greater epistemic fallacy.. distinction between what a thing is and what a thing can be

black science of people/whales law.. keeping us from us.. graeber make it diff law

24 min – steve: the way i connect graeber’s work to bhaskar’s.. graeber argued that culture ultimately is creative refusal.. if see culture as structure of refusal.. that refusal is the domain of the real because those refusals are the mechs that help explain why events play out the way they do.. ie: dropping of atomic bomb.. look at all reasons.. graeber would argue.. is there a taboo thing they are not saying.. they are refusing to say.. ie: did a-bomb end world war or start a new one.. existing mechs beyond measurement.. those only get when beyond creative refusal.. schsimo ness et al

david on creative refusal.. schismogenesis et al

45 min – mark: he says on p 98 ‘fact is not value free but incorps a commitment to truth’

michael: so do you think alt facts have same commitment to truth as facts

46 min – mark: by all means

michael: i don’t know if they disagree on the facts.. truth shows a bunch of things..

to me.. nothing to date fact.. and to me.. fact ness kills us.. 1\ nothing stays the same if alive 2\ graeber can’t know law.. et al

54 min – nika: i can’t believe how relevant this convo to curtain global situation.. arrested not because protesting.. but because police thinking going to protest.. can arrest on suspicions et al.. it’s like reality is melting in front of our eyes..







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